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i have just started with my extended essay and I am planning to process it on economics. But I found something i think should improve while we do the extended essay, I believe that we  are the people who will run the upcoming world,so rather than writing our veiws on the current situation and repeating something that will actually be of no use and write about things we  think should or will happen in future. Yes will will be controversial but thats what we need in our lives today. we need several topics and ideas so we come up with one of the best.just like i want to work on something related to the future of retail outlet (not petrol or diesel in particular) that even if there is a difference in sale of petrol or diesel there wont be any difference in the business of the retail outlets. how does this make a difference in the market. but i got to hear how do i know about the future? yes i dont but atleast we can predict it in a way we want it to be.

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