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please help me pick a chemistry SL IA topic that I can conduct at home

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hi my IA research question is due in 5 hours and I have genuinely no clue where to even start. We're only on topic 34 so I don't understand any of the experiements on later topics, and almost all of the examples I've found involve topic 44 titration which i know absolutley nothing about. it also has to be something i can do entirely at home with household materials because my school is still completely online. my teacher is also requiring that it is still a physical experiement. i dont know what to do if i dont have a topic in the next few hours theyre kicking me out of ib and then i wont get into college and my entire life will fall apart please help ive had months to do this but i was lowkey depressed the whole summer and didnt do anything and im trying my best to clean up all the messes ive made but i really dont know what to do now lol please help

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