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EE Micro economics need refining

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Whats up y'all. I'm trying to refine what exactly I want to look into for my Econ EE. 

Here's the ideas I came up with:


 Examining Market Structure for General Contractor Companies in the DFW Area in the last 20 years. I'ld be able to explain the reasons behind the saturation of these firms and how they compete, market their business, analyze their customer base, and provide some outlooks for the next 20 years of the industry.
- Examining the Airline Industry and the competition in it. I think to understand this one there would be many variables to look at so I would start off by choosing 3 specific destinations from DFW that are unique but are flown to by atleast 3 of the big name airlines. Each destination would represent the top 3 reasons people fly (according to statista.com) (ex: San Francisco for business, Las Vegas for personal leisure, and Philly for personal non-leisure). I'd examine the ticket prices for these three routes, and find out why and when they fluctuate, and what factors go into the pricing. If this topic works that would be awesome because personally I'm really passionate about airlines and planes so this would be something I'd be so happy to explore.
-Examine the sale of the Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ and the Toyota 86 and their sales performance. THis is because all 3 of these sports cars are actually the same but rebadged for marketing purposes. I'd look at sales, the average reviews done by edmunds.com, and what was the deal behind selling the 1 car under 3 brand names.
I really want to expand upon the second idea but i'm limited to microeconomics so I'm not sure where to go from here.


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