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I am currently doing a practice TK/PPD form about stem cells. I have chosen a case study as an RLS, is this a valid rls even if it was a made up case study created by a university? here is a link to it https://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/files/stem_cells_therapy.pdf


I want to focus on how ethical vs scientific reasonings are established and link it to religion/faith and the scientific method. I am aware I must link it to a model of knowledge such as pragmatism. 

Here are some possible claims;

scientific progress must be aligned with social need

the interface of science and society includes ethical focus

the use of stem cells has more potential benefits that it poses dangers to society

science is silent on values meaning and purpose, which are of the greatest importance.

In my conclusion I wish to reach the statement that stem cell research ought to be used as a medium to advance social justice imperatives.

Could you give me feedback on these and guide me towards a research question.


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