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I'm literally so confused about how to write an english EE (Type/group 1), like how is it different to other english lit assesment items such as the WIT? I know it's more general or something but does that mean I can't focus on a single literary device (e.g symbolism), as that's what I intended to do.

My school hasn't given me any real guidance and there's nothing I've been able to find on the internet other than example essays but this is the sort of task where it's hard to use examples to discern what specifically what is expected of you. Any help will be very much appreciated, thanks!


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It is basically just a regular World Lit essay but on a grander 4,000 word scale. 

Google '50 Excellent Extended Essays' to see the IB's exemplar EEs and have a look at the English ones. It'll give you a feel for what they want.

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