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Is there a deadline for when a retake must be done by?

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Hi! If anyone can answer this question for me, it would be GREATLY appreciated (I'm a little stressed here).

I graduated with my IB diploma in May 2019, but I would like to retake a couple exams in order to improve my overall score (and hopefully get into the program I want). Due to some personal reasons, I won't be able to take any retake exams until May 2021. Is this too late? I read that IB candidates have "a maximum of three exam sessions in which to obtain the diploma". I am a little confused by this. Does this mean I have a maximum of 3 times I can retake the exam? Or does it mean that I have the time span of three exam sessions after my original exam to do a retake (so I would have to retake by November 2020)? 

Thanks in advance!

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