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I don't want to continue on with IB

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So basically I'm only a partial IB student. I've dropped math and physics IB but I'm kinda stuck for chem. My school does chem 20 and 30 IB in the same year so this coming semester (starts in a week) I have chem 30. I just really don't care for IB anymore as I have realized it will not benefit me instead it just gives me more unneeded stress. If I drop to regular now, I have to do the chem 20 final which i'm not ready for and I'll have to do chem 30 next year in grade 12, which I would rather not have to do. So my question is, can I continue with the IB class but just skip the papers at the end (basically just get a 0). Will this effect my regular chem 30 grade in any way? 


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