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Chemistry IA topic problem

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Hi everybody I am on my summer holiday right now and I have pretty much written my whole IA up to the results section but i just realized i am not really measuring anything... My idea was to extract anthocyanin from blueberries and then titrate it with quinine (tonic water) at different temperatures to see the change in color. My idea came from my aunty who makes colour changing gin when tonic is added. As I researched i found that it is the anthocyanin in the plant that reacts with the more basic tonic water and so pH changes therefore the colour changes too. I would apply the conclusion of what temperature reacts the fastest to cocktail making. 

As you can tell i have nothing to measure apart from the change in colour and how long it takes to change. i don't think that is enough for an IA, I have done lots of research and there isn't much more you can investigate... Does anybody have any ideas, i would hugely appreciate any ideas!

I think I thought i would be able to calculate the concentration of anthocyanin after each titration, thinking that it would change but obviously it won't. Does anyone know how to test the ability of anthocyanin or measure how much anthocyanin hasn't been reacted with in the solution after the titration?

Or do you think i should try find another topic? 

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