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Hey guys,


So I chose the third prompt for my TOK essay (does it matter that your personal circumstances impact how seriously your knowledge is taken, I say yes it does) and I was going to use Ethics (from there go in to Sense Perception and Reason), Human Sciences (go into Philosophy and maybe some law). For my counter-claim I planned to say that no, it doesn't matter because only knowledgeable people should speak about knowledge (we go to historians as credible sources for History, I wouldn't go to my chorus teacher for a math problem or my math teacher for help singing a song). I'm not really sure how to start or format this, or how I can bring a real-life situation for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That's a very general question - start with a thesis and dive right into it! It's hard for me to give us advice beyond basic essay structure. Each paragraph should start with a statement of the idea to be presented, then explanation of the idea, then an example supporting the claim, and finally a repetition of the idea. The paragraph after that should do the same, but with the counter-claim.

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