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EE Advice: History Research Questions Refinement

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Hello guys, I'm just starting to research my EE topics and am debating between English LL HL and History HL. Now, I know there are a lot of factors in determining whether I would be successful or not, like competent advisers and I looked at the IB statistical board to determine my odds. History is the lowest out of all, 9% in getting an A, but I'm confident in my ability to write a good essay. Same with English, a lot of experience and always had good grades from my literary analysis essays, but am just unsure.

I would really appreciate any tips...

Here are my History and English Research topics/questions I've been thinking about: NOW DISCLAIMER, these questions are very general and not intellectually-formed just yet, I just want to put my ideas down. Like the general topics. Might reword/narrow down the q's.

- What is the role and significance of the Wall Street Crash on fascist dictatorship in Italy and Spain?

- Communist Manifesto and it's influences on communist leadership/ideological movements in society

- Machiavelli 'The Prince' and it's place in society politics / maybe compare and contrast with another political book?

- (English) Comparison of themes from Shadow in the Wind and Book Thief about tragedy and it's impacts on young children or the role they play in these books

I'm interested in the Russian Revolution as well, so perhaps....

- To what extent was Nicholas Tsar responsible for the happenings of Bloody Sunday demonstrations and what does this convey about the state of political demonstrations at the time?

- What was Friedrich Engel's impact on the conditions of Laborers?


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