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First year of IB suggestions

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Hey, so this is my first year in IB DP. I am currently taking Math HL, Chem HL, Physics HL, Econ, Language and literature, and French as a second language. My TOK teacher is terrible so idk what to do, and I have no idea what to do for CAS. oh and do u think I should change from econ to psycho because I find econ really boring, at the same time I am not sure if psychology is any better

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Greetings, TOK is very important in the IB eyes. There is several things you can do by yourself to pratice for a IA and or EE on TOK. Depending on where you are starting an what you are using. I would read Decoding Theory of Knowledge (Link will be posted bellow) , it goes into great detail over mass media and how we live in a rapid culture. After each chapter there are TOK questions to wander along with a precaution task, writing task, and a essay task. This is in blue at the end of the chapter.  If you want anchor thing to read over just to help more or have in your back pocket read Postman Amusing Ourself To Death. You can find a IA and or EE on that really easy. 



As for the rest just hang in there man the IB is a rough place. For subject changes make sure to talk it over with your IB coordinator, they know best on the IB level. Make sure to trust in yourself and stay strong, helps more then anything. Keep organizied and you can be a awesome IB student thats my number one tip stay organized.  

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