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Need an advice with choosing subjects

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Hello! I'm in pre-IB now. Before 1 March I need to choose my subjects for the next year. I thinking of: English A SL; German B SL; Psychology HL; Business and Management HL; Chemistry HL and Math SL.  I'm not a native English speaker, that's why I'm afraid that English A would be too hard for me. I'm also not sure about chemistry (though I'm good at it now, but it's pre-IB, so I think it doesn't count) I was thinking to take Math on Studies instead of SL(to make my life easier), but someone told me that it would be better to take SL, because a lot of universities look at your math level, even if your course is not connected with this subject. I'm planning to go for a jurist or marketing manager. I don't know if math is really required for it.  I'm looking for an advice! 

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Well first off, welcome to IB and I wish you luck with your journey.  English will most likely not be a problem for you (assuming you have an o.k. teacher).  I have two people in my english class who are not native speakers ( I also live in the US so everyone else speaks slang but they are still fine).  The main thing that may possibly concern you is the few oral assessments in English. However, you shouldn't let that be a major decision factor because they seem much harder than the actually are ( You should be able to make a B or possibly an A in the class) so don't freak out too much. As for your issue with chemistry, I am in SL so I can't speak much about it.  However, I know that you must do "prescribed labs" (I don't know if that is the actual name) for the classes. the labs require very in-depth knowledge of the different units. (SL Chem and HL Chem go over the same topics, however HL goes into much more detail).  And as for math, I had the same decision that you had to make.  I chose Studies because it is an "Easy A " class that would be much easier that SL which could be a struggle depending on the teacher and your ability.  While you may be worried about credit, SL may give you some small amount at universities or no credit at all (The US schools rarely give credit for SL) and Math studies will give you no credit. So if it were me, I would choose Studies so you can get a better chance at an A, not have to worry about credit, and not worry about a bunch of calculus (unless you like calculus).  I am not also a math person so that is another reason for me choosing Studies. 

I hope this helped and good luck in IB!!

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