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Hello everyone ;)

So a few weeks ago I was Really bored - I had no real passions and I spent most of my time studying and watching YouTube videos (with some interesting reading invetween). And then I stumbled across Instagram. This sparked something in me and essentially gave me a new hobby.

So far I've been shooting all my photos on my phone since I'm a beginner and don't want to spend 500€ + on a mirror less camera which would then end up on my shelf once I lose interest.

All I've been capturing is nature. I feel like I see more things than I did a few weeks back since I focus more on the outside world - i really enjoy it!

Are any of you photographers? Are you a beginner? A professional? What type of photos do you shoot, and what inspired you to get a camera in the first place?

It'd be nice if you could also share what camera you use and some tips for a newbie (and maybe some camera recommendations too).

You can leave your Instagram account too if you want to show some of your pictures.

Can't wait for your answers :)

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