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Paper 1 could include the mandate system, disarmament, failures/successes of the League of Nations, and crises such as Ruhr, Manchuria, Abyssinia.

Just remember extra info like how the mandate system added to Allied colonies whereas Germany had its colony stripped, and also remember when discussing the leage of nations that you need some counter argument: the league wasn't a total failure. In its early years, 1920-1925, it had quite a few small successes, generally over negotiating territory in Europe: eg, Yugoslavia/Greece, the Aaland islands, etc. Early failures included Ruhr and Corfu 1923. It's just that the big failures of 1931 and 1935 are what 'killed' the league.

Also be aware of the aims of the participants: Woodrow Wilson (idealist) Clemenceau (irrational fear and hatred of Germany, basically wished to destroy them) and Lloyd George (generally a mediator - wished Germany to be punished but not as severely as Clemenceau, else it may impact the rest of Europe.) As J.M.Keynes said, the reparations figure was unreasonable and threatened the economy of Europe as a whole due to how much Germany's was left to suffer.

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