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Handmai's Tale Quotebank

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I was just going to start a thread about The Handmaid's Tale!

I'm currently composing a quote-bank. The novel is a little tiresome to read :S

If anyone's doing the novel, my question is, what are some really good quotes?

Let me start off~

Quote- Colour imagery: “ We had irises, rising beautiful and cool on their tall stalks, like blown glass, like pastel water monetarily frozen in a splash, light blue, light mauve, and the darker ones, velvet and purple, black cat’s ears in the sun, indigo shadow...”

The vibrant use of multicoloured flowers significantly contrasts with the single colours worn by the women in this society (Red, Blue and Green). These three colours help to define the role of these women. However this is juxtaposed with the flowers who seem to be free and magnificent. Offred chooses to highlight this in her narration, possibly as an expression of her desire to be free.

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