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wow, we're on the same boat!

this mainly depends on your nationality. tell us yours and I'll list a number that you might be eligible for. oh and also the country you prefer to go to, if you have any preference.

but mainly, full scholarships that's offered to all nationalities (that I know of) are from:

- Hong Kong Baptist University

- NYU Abu Dhabi (last year they offered full scholarships but not sure about this year)

- Nanyang Technological University (very competitive, though, you need to get at least IB40/45)

I might be missing some but as soon as you tell us your nationality I might remember some more and might be able to tell you what you're eligible for.

PS. I heard in the US lots of scholarships are offered but not sure since I'm not interested to go to the US so I'm not very knowledgeable.

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