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A collection of about 5 general articles that provide a basic overview of the position of the legal community on some veritable hot- topics such as intellectual property and alternatives to copyright protection; the supposed illegality of computer hacking; why the EU has such a stronghold on Europe and what is its relationship with the UN; why is it that state governments and authorities can get away with literally committing murder and what can be done to amend this.

The articles cover a diverse range of International, EU, Intellectual Property, and Digital Criminal law. Things that are interesting and can be brought up in law interviews with ease. Some of these readings are quite intense and don't expect to enjoy them, or even understand them thoroughly, but for a rough overview of things, they are ideal, especially because these are very opinionated pieces with varying levels of technicality.

Hope it's useful to you guys! I especially recommend the Lessig and von Busch Articles, and maybe Hazel Fox if you think you can get your head around the concepts it talks about.



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