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IB Diploma Statistics

Contains statistics of performances of IB Diploma students by individual exam sessions.

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  1. Ib Classbook 2019

    Class handbook 2019


  2. IB Diploma statistics 2018

    Bulletin statistics of the May 2018 examination session. It contains pass rates, distribution of test-takers by region and other info to know more about the IB's stats.


  3. 2018 May Grade Boundaries

    2018 May Grade Boundaries


  4. ia

    dis my ia


  5. IB Diploma Statistical Bulletin May 2016

    Just incase anybody wanted to know the average grades/scores that students internationally receive in IB, I've found a PDF with statistics from IBO - this is the most recent PDF I could find and the statistics have been taken from the May 2016 session. 
    I've listed the page numbers of some information depending on what you may want to check - 
    Page 9: Extended Essay statistics
    Page 10: TOK statistics
    Page 16: Statistics on number of points awarded to candidates 
    Page 17 to Page 22: All subject grade distributions (including mean grade + % of candidates receiving grades) 


  6. Social Identity Theory

    Social Identity Theory 


  7. breaking code math ib

    breaking code math ib


  8. IB Grade Boundaries 2011

    IB Grade Boundaries 2011


  9. May 2011 Statistics

    Statistical Bulletin for May 2011 Exams


  10. IB Grade Boundaries 2010

    Grade Boundaries 2010 for (almost) all subjects.


  11. May 2010 Statistics

    Statistical bulletin for May 2010 exams.


  12. May 2009 Statistics

    The IB Diploma Programme statistical bulletin as published on IBO website.


  13. ib grade boundary 2009

    ib grade boundary 2009


  14. May 2008 Statistics

    Diploma statistics for May '08


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