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name - anya

ib language - french ab initio (it's rather horrible, actually - my french, that is)

languages i speak fluently: english, thai

contact details - apparently we're not allowed to put our emails? so just pm me or something ... please haha.

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Name: Jorge

Language B: French AB Initio, I'm ok I guess, but I could sure use some improvement

Fluent in: Spanish, English and Russian (Although my writing and reading skills suck, I can only speak fluently)

Other Languages: Arabic (Wouldn't mind improving a bit, I'm somewhat above AB initio entry level, which essentially means I suck :))

PM me if interested.

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1) Chris

2) German/Spanish. I'm only a sophomore but I've been taking German and Spanish simultaneously for four years. I'm not sure which one I'll be taking for IB next year, so either is fine with me.

3) English and I can speak conversational Vietnamese (which I find to be a shame).

PM me if you're interested!

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Name: Dan

IB languages: English and Chinese

Languages that I speak fluently: English (hmm...), Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)

I can read German, but just ein bisschen... I can read and understand verbally japanese, but it takes time for me to construct sentences, lol

PM me if I am of any help

I would love to improve on my English... Aiming for a 7 in A2 HL...

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