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si on commencait par ecrire dans le 'parlez vous francais' thread pourqu'on puisse demarrer la conversation bien que t'aider a devenir un membre plus actif sur ce forum? Commence et puis dirige moi avec un lien internet pour que je puisse repondre et corriger.

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1. Name: Ameya

2. Language B is Spanish ab Initio

3. Fluent in: English

4. I will mail u my adress if you speak Spanish

If you speak Spanish then please e-mail me! I need help!

Hola Ameya, me llamo Chris. I scored a 7 on my Spanish exam last year, but I fear that I am losing it now that I am no longer in a Spanish class! I would be more than happy to be your pen pal!

Espero que hablemos pronto! Hasta luego!

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Although I'm almost done with my IB exams, I'd love to practise another language that's not my mother tongue!

1. Alonso

2. English HL

3. Español, English, et un peu de Francais... (I'd love to improve my French; I'm planning on continuing to study it after my exams are over :rofl: )

4. PM me

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