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How to effectively revise IB Biology?

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Hi! I'm recently struggling with the best method to revise everything covered by the IB Biology HL syllabus in a fast and effective way. I only have 3 weeks as my exam is in early June :((

The content in IB Biology is notoriously wide in breadth and depth, with a lot of information that needs to be understood (+ memorized). Especially when the syllabus has recently changed, I cannot use any resources provided by seniors and have to figure out my own way to tackle the huge amount of information.

In view of this, I have a few questions in mind:

My biology teacher said that the upcoming exam is not meant to be challenging - she suggested that only the memorization of the syllabus (which is very brief and lack of detail sometimes), but the next second she said our responses in Extended Response Questions (like long essay questions) should be detailed and have connections between concepts. So what should I really to excel this exam? Memorizing the whole >50-page syllabus??? Or just refer to textbook?

My teacher also emphasised the importance of connecting the concepts and making a "full picture" to avoid misconception and being messed up by concepts. While I do understand the importance of this, I have no clue on how to do this at all. What should I do?

I have thought of using Anki flashcards to consolidate my memory by active recall (from a lot of YouTubers this is the ultimate strategy to success), but I don't know if it's worth to spend so much time on creating flashcards, given that I can only return to home by 6pm and must sleep by 11pm on every weekday... Any methods other than using Anki?

Sorry for this ramble! :( and I will highly appreciate any responses from you guys :D

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