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I got 24 points in IB1 but coordinator won't let me do IB2 because it's too low. Help a fellow IB student, please!!

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Hello everyone, I finished IB1 and I got 24 points as my year grade overall and my ib coordinator says that I can’t move to IB2 because my points are too low. On the first semester I got 25 points and on the second semester I got 21 points, then we had final exams where I got overall 14 points. I admit that I have been very stressed and anxious and often unwell as a consequence which affected my finals especially. My IB coordinator said  that she strongly recommends and is going to kick me out of IB and do American high school. In the summer, I worked really hard and submitted my first draft of Extended Essay, I also took tutors for each subject to catch up and understand what are my weaknesses. 

Now, she is asking me to ask my parents to write an email saying what kind of subjects I will take in American high school. I don’t want my work to go to waste and I am really looking forward to going to IB2. Could anyone help me to write some ideas of how I could possibly stay in IB2. As far as I know If you get 24 points its a pass, but my coordinator is saying that I had a huge regression from semester 1 to semester 2 and my final exams messed it up, However as a final grade I got 24 points and I didn’t fail any subjects.  Is there any possible policies in IB that could make me stay??

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