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Pre-Ib Preperation​🙂​(Help!)

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Hi I'm starting Pre-Ib (9th grade) in Ontario, Canada and i'd like to get ahead. 

Do you have any advice, school supplies that i should bring or textbooks or websites. that are useful for grade 9th pre-IB

I want to do well and get ready for it, and have been trying to find resources but i can't find many.

I especially want to get ahead for Science, Math and English.

Any tips or tricks are welcomed. 

Thank you for your help and Wish me luck (Fingers crossed🙂)!

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Hello Flower342!

I just finished pre-IB grade 9!

Here are my flashcards if you would like to learn ahead: 


For academic advice, I recommend Callan's science textbooks. Like this one. Nelson is also quite reliable! For math, try Wizeprep and Waterloo. As for English, the best way is to practice timed writing, and seek alumni or current students for the assigned reading; each teacher is different.

For school supplies, you should bring a pencil, pen, ruler, highlighter and eraser. If you are unsure, the course outline has you covered.

Best of all, email your teacher or shoot an older student a message!

Happy summer :D

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