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English B EE the perks of being a wallflower


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HELP! I am doing my EE in english B, and my RQ is “to what extent does Bill, Charlie’s English teacher, contribute to his character development in The perks of being a Wallflower?” and my supervisor accepted this. However, I am not sure whether this topic/question fits any of the 3 english B categories. I wanted to make it a category 3 essay,  a literary analysis, but i’m not sure if it focuses on literature enough. To answer my RQ I wanted to mention factors such as books as a symbol, and the intertextuality connected to those books, and how his character develops in general. Pls HELP! is this good or does it not fit the category?

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Hey there. It seems you have chosen an interesting subject for your Extended Essay in English B.

Just to clarify, the three categories in English B are:

  • Category 1: Language
  • Category 2: Culture and Society
  • Category 3: Literature

Based on your research question (RQ) "To what extent does Bill, Charlie’s English teacher, contribute to his character development in The Perks of Being a Wallflower?", it seems you're on the right track for a Category 3 literature-focused essay.

Category 3 essays should be focused on a literary topic related to a work, or works, of literature. Your topic appears to meet this criteria as it is exploring the contribution of a specific character (Bill) to the development of the protagonist (Charlie) in a specific novel (The Perks of Being a Wallflower).

In terms of your methodology, analyzing the use of literary devices such as symbolism and intertextuality, as well as discussing character development, is a valid approach for a literature-focused essay.

However, the key to a successful Category 3 essay is ensuring your focus is squarely on the literature itself. Make sure your essay is grounded in a thorough and detailed analysis of the novel, using relevant quotations and examples to support your points.

Your topic should also demonstrate a critical understanding of the work, its context, and its literary merit.

This could involve considering questions like:

  • What does Bill's guidance and the books he recommends reveal about Charlie's character and his journey throughout the novel?
  • How does the use of literary references and intertextuality in the novel contribute to our understanding of Charlie's character and his development?
  • What does the novel suggest about the role of literature and education in personal development and self-discovery?

Remember, the Extended Essay is a rigorous research project, and demonstrating a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of your chosen work of literature is essential. 

Hope it helps ☺️

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