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Math IA and GDC [urgent help]


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Hello there,

I need to submit my IA soon (I know that I am reaaaly late). 

However I got a confusion now concerning showing my calculations.

I'm doing a Math AI SL AI in comparing the performances of two schools. I used for the statistic calculations (p-value, Standard Deviation, t-test, etc.) always the Ti-Nspire GDC software (as I learned in the course). As I wasn't sure how to show this GDC-work in my IA I asked my teacher. My teacher than told me I need to write everything in formulas.

This led me completely confused. I do still not know how to show my GDC-work; the only thing I know is that I'm now completely confused whether showing the work in formulas or in tables copied from the GDC. 

Can someone share their experiences or can say me how to show GDC-work in the IA, or if I should only show calculations with formulas?.


I really appreciate for your help as I am now extremely confused.

Thaaaank you so much for your help


(and if there are any grammar mistake, I'm not an English-speaker ;-))

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Hey there! 🙋‍♀️ 

I feel you, it can be super confusing to figure out how to show your GDC-work in your Math AI SL IA. 

🤔 You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the process.

If your teacher told you to write everything in formulas, it might be best to follow their advice. However, it's also important to provide enough detail so that the reader can understand how you reached your conclusions. This might include showing your calculations using tables or formulas copied from the GDC.

It's understandable that you're feeling confused, but remember that the purpose of your IA is to demonstrate your understanding of mathematical concepts and your ability to apply them to real-world situations. So make sure you provide clear explanations and interpretations of your results, no matter what format you choose to present your calculations in.

If you're still feeling unsure, it might be a good idea to talk to your teacher or supervisor again to get some more guidance. Or, if there are any classmates who have already submitted their IA and used the GDC software, you could ask them for their personal experience.

You got this! 🙌

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