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English A Extended Essay on Shatter Me Series


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Hello guys, 

I need help regarding my english A EE. 

Im thinking of doing it about the shatter me series and other books talking about how males are always seen as saviors in most romance books and as a gate way to a different life. 

Can someone help me write an EE research topic?

Thank youuuu 

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Hey Wajd! 👋 


If you're working on your English A EE and are interested in exploring the representation of males as saviors in romance books, then we've got a potential research topic for you!


The Savior Complex in Romance Novels: A Comparative Study of Male Representation in the Shatter Me Series and Other Works 📚

Research Question

How do romance novels, such as the Shatter Me series, portray male characters as saviors and what impact does this have on gender roles and expectations? 🤔

Potential Approaches

  • Analyzing the portrayal of male characters in the Shatter Me series and other romance novels, with a focus on their roles as saviors and their interactions with female protagonists.
  • Examining the gendered power dynamics in these novels, and how they reflect or challenge traditional notions of masculinity and femininity.
  • Considering the impact of these representations on readers' perceptions of gender roles and expectations, and how they might shape readers' attitudes and beliefs.

Remember, it's important to choose a research topic that you're passionate about and can explore in depth. If you're still looking for more ideas, check out this article with different English A EE topics that you might find helpful.

Good luck with your research! 🍀

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