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Should I repeat another year of HS in order to attend IB?


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I'm currently a Grade 12 High School student in the Czech Republic, and the Czech Upper Secondary School system usually lasts 4 years (graduation - Grade 13).

Right now, I have 2 options: I could move to Canada and graduate in Canada (the academic year 2023/2024.) Or the second option is to repeat another year of high school and attend the IB programme in Denmark.

I plan to study for a bachelor's degree at top universities in the EU, e.g., the Netherlands (UoA, Utrecht University, Erasmus University of Rotterdam...) or Denmark (Copenhagen Business School, Aarhus University...)

I just don't know whether I should add an extra year of HS because I feel I will be behind my current classmates.... However, completing the IB will give me an advantage in admissions at unis. Please help me and provide me with advice :( Thank you very much!

PS: I was already accepted to all schools in Canada and Denmark.

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