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Should I do IB if I don’t know my Language A?


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Hello, the situation is following. I’m a Belarusian, who have moved to Poland 1,5 years ago. My Polish level is approximately B2 right now, which is enough for me to study well in Polish curriculum, but I still don’t feel comfortable on Polish Literature lessons.

As for now I’m a sophomore, who is planning to start IBDP this year. If I work hard, there is a chance that by the end of the sophomore year my Polish will be on a C1 level. 

As it turns out, none of the IB schools in Warsaw(where I live) provides Russian A Belarusian A, so if I start IB, I would have to take Polish A. Is it a really big problem for me or should I do IB anyway? I don’t have any problems with the rest of the subjects.


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