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Subject Selection HELP CS/Chem and Econ/B&M


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Hey guys,

I just discovered this forum as I was doing some research on my IB subject choices. I am really confused between HL Chemistry and HL CS as both of them are pretty good options for me and I like both so I was looking for some advice regarding my subject choices. Here's some background information:

  • I'm taking my GCSEs in May. 
  • I wanted to pursue either astrophysics or particle physics in uni but maybe fall back on CS if I don't enjoy either of them
  • I want to perhaps pursue a MBA in the future
  • I'll be applying to US universities
  • Good at math and logic
  • Strongly dislike rote memorisation
  • Aiming for a 45 (high hopes I know 😅) for a good university
  • School doesn't offer irregular diplomas


These are my subject choices:

  • Maths AA HL
  • Physics HL
  • French B SL
  • English Lit A SL
  • Chemistry HL / CS HL
  • Economics SL / B&M SL / Economics HL


Chemistry vs CS



  • I enjoy the subject (love the experiments)
  • Chemistry -> Particles -> Particle physics
  • Hopefully I get the same teacher


  • I struggled with Chem in grade 9 (getting predicted 8s)
  • I possibly only like the subject/perform well because my teacher is great



  • More "future-friendly"
  • I'm really good at programming
  • I can easily teach myself Java
  • Potentially easier
  • Possibly only dislike the theory aspect as I learned more from YouTube than my teacher for it
  • 4 different teachers each teaching a different part (one specialises in theory, another in programming e.t.c)


  • I was  bored during all the GCSE programming classes to the point I almost regretted taking it
  • I struggled a bit with computer science theory because of the memorisation involved
  • The environmental, ethical and legal impacts topic was also very boring
  • Take AP CS instead which has the programming but no theory?

Please give me some advice on which one to take between the two


Economics HL/SL vs B&M:

I take economics right now in my GCSEs and I'm performing quite well (8s or 9s) but not anywhere near the level I would like to perform to get an IB 7. I heard that Econ HL is more math based (is this true?) so perhaps it may be easier for me to take it. Business is another option I'm considering since I heard its a rather easy subject to get a 7 but once again memorisation will be really annoying.


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