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SAQ working model of memory


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Working memory model


The working memory model proposes that the ‘central executive’ allocates data to sub-systems based on modality. This is either visual or auditory sensory information. Auditory information goes to the phonological loop and visual and spatial information goes in the visuospatial sketchpad to be processed. The episodic buffer is a temporary store that integrates information from other components maintains information from other components and maintains a sense of time so that events occur in a continuing sequence. 

Landry and Bratling investigated this in 2011. The aim of the study was to investigate if articulatory suppression would influence recall of written list of phonologically dissimilar letters in serial recall. 

They used 34 undergraduate psychology students. They used an independent sample design. In condition 1 the had to memorize a list of letters and while recalling them they had to say ‘1’ and ‘2’ at a rate of two numbers per second. In the control group they had to memorize a list as well but did not have to perform an articulatory suppression task. The list constructed out of 7 letters: F, K, L, M, X, R, and Q. They choose these letters because they are phonologically dissimilar. The participants then had to write the letters down in the correct order. The number of correctly recalled numbers was then measured.

The results showed that the score of the experimental group were much lower than the scores of the control group. The accuracy of the control group was 76% and the accuracy of the experimental group was 45%.

The study proves that if you have to an articulatory suppression task that this would influence the recall of the letters. The experimental group showed that it was difficult to recall the letter serial correctly while they were doing and ‘distraction’ task. This study helps to support the working memory model. 

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