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Need help rounding down topic - psychology EE


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Hi, my name is Joseph and I am writing a research proposal for my extended essay that I will complete within a year. 

I definitely want to pick psychology as it is my favourite HL subject & I want to have a future somewhere in the field but I'm struggling to pick the focus of my research - I am primarily concerned about the availability of sources. Below is a list of rough ideas that I am considering, but again am struggling to choose between:

- According to what we know, what is the most plausible theory for explaining confabulation? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confabulation) I became interested in this as I observed a language model create facts that seemed completely plausible but were made up.

- How has easier access to modern technology (maybe more specificially social media) led young people to exhibit ADHD-like symptoms? The focus here is really rough but im interested in how social media was developed to hack our dopamine reward systems and I've paired that with observations of myself and others who seem to bounce their legs while under stress, have short attention spans when it comes to stimulation & how so many people these days seem to say 'oh yeah I've got ADHD' without recieving a proper diagnosis.

- What are the effects of microdosing lysergic acid dimethylene yield on productivity, creativity, social skills, anything that falls under quality of life overall? Also some more related,

To what effectiveness can hallucinogens be used to treat severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia? Also, 

- To what extent can use of hallucinogens affect epigenetics? I have read a lot of interesting things about this class of chemicals & the way they affect our behaviours, but I'm not sure how much research has been done in treatment for such a debilitating disorder or for gene expression or for microdosing (and maybe some is more biological, but neurochemistry is really cool).

Any suggestions, pointers, recommendations, advice etc. is greatly appreciated,

thank you :>

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