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hi i am currently doing my 10th grade from a cbse school. as i want to pursue my graduation abroad i m planning on switching to IB for the junior and senior year.

does ib really help in getting universities abroad? i have a few more queries if someone can help me through it. 

Thank you in advance


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Hi, yeah, i can say to you, i´m just finishing IB1 moving to IB2 in a couple of weeks, and i got to say, it does open you the doors for studying abroad, for example in some universities that i want to apply to, they are even offering me half scholarship for taking the IB diploma program, other universities may be easier to access, due that the fact of being an IB student, can make you for some universities to be elegiable for being excempt of some admission requierements, so my recomendation is for you to take it, due that it helps you a lot during the admission process and once you are accepted, now yes, if you get in, get ready for a very high academic intensity even from IB1, nevertheless if you want to chat or need help in any subject, don´t hesitate to ask, i will try to help you as much as i can

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