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I'm having a literal panic attack about my EE. Last year i chose to do it in math and a few weeks ago i chose to do it on golden ratio. My first draft is due the week after this one and im freaking out because i feel like its too basic. I love it because i love art and beauty and i want to do it about that, i can have a good 'personal connection' or whatever it is called, but idk if it has enough math or not? I was looking into it and saw something about continuous fractions, for some reason im not familiar with it i dont know if i should be but i dont know if its a good thing to do an ee about or if i can relate the continuous fractions part with the beauty part. I have a very rough draft i made a few days ago, talking about fibonacci numbers and explaining the relations, ding the spirals for the golden ratio and im planning on explaining how it shows human beauty. will i get a really bad grade for it? 

I also know its very basic and a lot of people do it, but i dont know if it really matters. Honestly atp im only looking to not get an E im okay with anything above that that won't make me fail ib.

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