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Math IA Help :))))


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Hey guys. I am taking Math AASL. I submitted my first draft and everything. My Math IA is based on finding a correlation (if any) between the average speed of 2 the 2 fastest NFL wide receivers per team, and these teams' win rates. I am evaluating only the 17 teams with the highest win rates. I have tried to find a linear regression, and a polynomial regression.

However, the teacher said that its all good, she just hasn't marked me full marks in any of the criteria which is fine if they're all marked at least a 5. She also mentioned that maybe i can fit 1 or two more analysis tools. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for what else I can use to evaluate these two variables? I felt maybe Chi-squared test as that's the only thing that is somewhat helpful with correlation research that is crossing my mind, but I don't even know what it's going to help me find and if it is even useful.

So...any suggestions?

thank you in advance lads 

if yall need more information to be able to help, lmk :)

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