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Incompetent Middle Year Program Coordinator and Science Teacher at Australian International School Dhaka, Bangladesh


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I just want to share the reality that is happening at Australian International School Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is so unfortunate to find out that the mentioned school is a prestigious IB World School in Bangladesh where the MYP coordinator is not competent enough to conduct her activities at school by showing negative attitudes towards the parents and supporting a teacher who is not capable enough to conduct classes as well. The coordinator is very much biased towards the science teacher who is having chemistry background and do teaches Physics at the 9th class where she is not being able to even teach the very basic issues. We the parents have complained again and again but the result is always the same that is showing nepotism to that science teacher. Even after complaining about the teaching methods of the said science teacher the coordinator blamed the parents that they were misbehaving with her for no reason. The school has become a mess and such kind of behavior is really intolerable though no measure has been taken by the management as well. The MYP coordinator should say sorry rather she is blaming the parents for mistreating her. The said coordinator even blocked the phone no. of a parent to show her audacity which is a disrespectful behavior as well. The school is authorized by IB board but not maintaining the standard at all. I do not know where to complaint except the school but some strict actions should be taken to make the school a better place for study. 

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