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Retaking a subject in May 2023


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I am quite depressed about my possible Maths HL score for the November 2022 session. So far my CS Sl, Lang A Sl, and Business Sl exams have been great, and the Physics HL exams were surely better than Maths HL's. I am considering retaking the Maths HL exam as I believe I could do better if I just had some more time. I had a terrible time management in DP2, and EE and IAs took so much time that I did not have the chance to study properly for the real exams. For my SL exams and English B Hl, and partially for Physics HL, this was not a huge problem as I was already confident with them, however I think I messed up my Maths HL papers. But I just don't want my IB journey to end like this, as I will be required to switch up a curriculum, if I fail to get a considerably good score like a 38-39+. I live in Turkey and want to study abroad, and all of my friends', teachers' and my family's expectations were on this way as well. Feeling like a huge disappointment right now as I fail to meet the expecations of everyone, including myself, the most. So, my question is do you think that resitting the exam in May is a good choice? Do universities consider retake candidates worse, or is it less prestigious on their side? I really believe that I can get a 7 on Maths Hl if I spend the time remaining for the retakes, as I just lack constant practicing. I really want to consider retaking, of course having granted that I got 6 and 7 from other subjects. I will see the results in January, however I can sense that my Maths HL exam grade ( possibly a 5 at best) will be unsatisfying for many universities and for me, . So any advice that you guys can give about the retakes would be appreciated. My school is ok with retakes, having granted that I paid for them. 

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