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Difficulty managing sleep schedule


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Being an IB student in year 12 , it is so freaking difficult for me to manage my sleep schedule plus being in the school I am , I practically have to self-study and have tutors AFTER school again and then of course doing my IAs , mind you I haven't started my EE or TOK essay and I am doing May 2023 session. My lack of sleep (sleeping 3-4 hours) has made me so slow in general. I am stuttering while sleeping , I can barely speak properly and my anxiety is on the roof (I am not an anxious person at all) but this lack of sleep. I have tried schedules on notion and followed them but the guilt of not being able to study for 3-4 hours after school seeps in and I can't get myself to sleep because of anxiety. 

Can anyone please help me out on how I can improve my sleeping schedule and still get above 40 in iB because I can't seem to adjust them together :/

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