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Chemistry IA help


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Hello everyone,

I am currently writting up my IA for chemistry but I have to a realisation that my data is really not helpful and I don't know what conclusion I can draw from it. My teacher made me redo my experiment twice because to him it wasn't possible (even tough I was following a method that I had seen online and on previous IAs). Anyway, He made me make 0.00004 M solutions of magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and strontium carbonate, these are supposed to act as bases as they are found in antacids for stomach burns. (The concentration is very low because of the solubility of the compounds I used). I then put in a pH probe in 25ml of one of the solutions and titrated it with 0.1 M hydrochloric acid. I recorded the pH every time I added 0.5 cm3 of HCl until it reached a pH of 2. Now, I have results for how much HCl was needed to reach a pH of 2 for each of the carbonate solutions I made.

Here are the means:

added HCl for MgCO3 = 5.2 cm3

added HCl for CaCO3= 5.1 cm3

added HCl for SrCO3= 4.9 cm3

Originally my research question was something like: which group 2 carbonate is the best at neutralising 0.1 M HCl. But I have absolutely no idea how my data can show that. Could anyone suggest any kind of conclusion that I could draw from my data? I feel like the research question also needs to be changed...


Thank you so much


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