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Math EE question


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I've been having a lot of trouble settling on a question. My advisor is not replying to my email so I can't get anything approved. My idea is the application of calculus in numbers of different bases (normally we go by base 10 so I can investigate the applicability of calculus in base 9, base 8, etc. ) Does this question look alright? 


Some other ideas:

Does finding the number of prime numbers in any range using the Euclidean algorithm work? I can write about the proof of the Euclidean algorithm and then use computers to apply the euclidean algorithm on all integers. Or maybe a combination of Euclid's method and the euclidean algorithm to find perfect numbers? Or a research of some of the applications of the euclidean algorithm work? Is it possible to use stats to analyze house prices? It is similar to an IA but I can use more advanced statistical calculations such as with two changing variables. It'll be great if any of these work, then I can start finding everything I need and drafting my essay.

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