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History IA (Berlin wall)


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Hi Y'all, I'm wanting to do my History IA on the berlin wall because I'm interested in the German culture. I don't really know much about the topic at the moment to create a proper question to make an analysis. But with the research i have done im interested in how the nation made agreements and or treaties to "allow" the wall to be brought up and how it affected the civilians in Germany. so my struggle is to create a question to make it sound semi solid. Maybe the idea of "The effect of the berlin wall during 1958-1961 on societal and geopolitical standards" any ideas?


thank you for whoever helps  

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Hi there! IB Senior here.

I think if that’s your main question for the History IA then that’s a really good choice! The goal is to be broad yet specific enough that you can hone in on one specific topic that interests you. I did my History IA on the Salem Witch Trials and that was something that, at the time, really interested me. Looking back, I 100% was would choose something else lol. But overall, I think your question is super great and if you feel confident you can do your historical investigation on that, go for it!


I hope I helped!

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