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As a matter of some importance, Apple Jacks are world class and I would rather not hear a solitary piece of defamation against the Apple and the Jack. Second, each and every cereal in the S and A levels are great with and without milk, which put it at the top. B level oats are great however aren't extremely adaptable, C level isn't quite as good or significant as B level, D level is simply unremarkable cereal, E level is rubbish yet agreeable oat, and F level is absolute poop grain. Third, Lucio Oh's should be in F level and perhaps lower for attempting to broaden the Overwatch brand into my morning grain, which is a wrongdoing against everything sacred. Fourth, there is definitely not a solitary individual on this planet that can persuade me that Cookie Crisp is a decent oat. It possesses a flavor like somebody put little bits of butt nugget into a nilla wafer and plunged it in milk. It isn't great at all: it doesn't suggest a flavor like a treat, it isn't fresh, and it isn't great. Fifth, and last, assuming you put Krave lower on this rundown, you have not experienced Krave the right way. You need to allow it to sit in your mouth for some time to let the chocolate finishing inside up. It's worth the effort, I guarantee you. Modify message

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