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Octordle compared to Wordle and Quordle is somewhat different. With 13 guesses with eight different vertical lines, the player needs to solve all eight horizontal words at the same time.A highly well-liked Wordle-based word game is called Octordle. The word count when played is the most obvious way that Octordle varies from Wordle. In contrast to Octordle, which asks the user to guess eight five-letter words at once, Wordle asks the user to guess a single five-letter word. It's not ideal to add another seven-letter word since for some players, guessing a five-letter word can be a little daunting. Octordle is a challenging game for those who enjoy it. Word-savvy players will find this game to be a true test of their abilities. Just like Wordle, this game operates. The same principles as Wordle apply, and it is played in a web browser. If a word has the letters in a different location, they will change yellow. Upon entering the word and being in the right place, they become green. Rolling eight distinct guesses at once while keeping track of the letters that were used in each guess can be very challenging. Focusing on the keyboard's color scheme of the Octordle is an excellent method to defuse a tense situation. Each letter is divided into four quadrants, each of which stands for one of the top four crosswords from the previous day's game.

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