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I'm going to start IB this year but I'm not sure whether to choose English A SL as my language A since I'm a non-native english speaker.

The reason why I wanted to choose English A was because I'm studying in a foreign country and I cannot choose my native language as language A. (If I take it, it'll be self-taught).

I also wanted to choose English B HL since I'm still learning English but I've recently learned that you cannot choose one language for both language A and B.

I'm really panicking about the whole situation since I've read a lot about how tough it'll be for a non-native english speaker.

Needless to say, I study in an English school, so I'm no stranger to the English language.

Thank you all!

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You can opt for English A SL, there are many students from my surroundings who opt for it and completed without facing any hard times. Still, prepare to spend time with English and an additional "pushes" from your supervisor when it comes to grammar, language structure, etc. in your academic papers.

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