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need help for the MAI HL IA, deciding topics

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hello, right now I'm deciding topics for my internal assessment for math. I'm interested to different online video games and formula 1, but not sure if the topic from these interest can or cannot become a IA topic. 

The topic i'm looking at currently:

- the more eco friendly formula 1 racing schedule

       this topic would possibly relate to Voronoi diagram and graph theory, to minimize distance travel between different grand prix, but on f1 calendar their are around 22 races; so graph theory might be a disaster.

- Genshin impact character damage optimization 

       this I'm really interested but not sure since it might not relate to the course that much, I believe I could use probability to approach problems such as crit rate and crit damage. but other might just not be about the course. 

- monopoly probability 

       I want to determine which land/block should be the most valuable (people visit more) but through out the rounds the calculation would just be too much. or find the best stategie or equation to determine if a player should or should not buy a land. but Monopoly seems to be a topic that lots of student already used, so not sure should I also use it or not. 

thank you for reading, any suggestion or advice would be great. 


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