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Need help regarding Subject Choices.

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Hey there everyone,


I am now moving to grade 11 and ill need to pick my IB subjects. I need some help. To begin with, i want to pursue a career and get a job as a Software Dev. Ill also look into having my own buisness that i have ideas for.

The Universities im looking to get into are:

Rutgers University NJ 

NUS Singapore

SUTD Singapore

New York University NY                        

Some of them just dont show the subject requirements for CS. Ive tried looking for so long but theres nothing there for IB. 

For my IGCSE i got good grades in Physics, CS, Maths, and Biology. However after taking a look at IB Physics and Maths AA, i dont think i can handle. Its just on a whole new level. What can i do? 

TLDR: What can be my IB subject Combination for CS Major in University? 














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I'm pretty sure that Math AA is a requirement/recommendation for the universities in the US. As for Singapore, the university might require HL Math AA, or Physics, or CS, so I would suggest you check the requirements. In the end, I would suggest you take HL Math AA and CS.

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