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Geography EE: Globalisation of foreign leagues and effect on domestic popularity, issues with surveys and spatial analysis


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Hi I am considering doing a geography EE which asks "how does the globalisation of foreign football leagues affect the popularity of X country amongst the local population?"

One big issue I have with this topic is that I am not sure if this can even have good spatial emphasis/analysis as I don't think I can map the results of whether the local population tends to watch more foreign leagues or not.

1. So my first question is that I would like opinions on if this topic can have a spatial aspect to it?


To solve this problems I am thinking of changing it to "how does the globalisation of foreign leagues affect the sphere of influence of various (2-3 probs) football stadiums in country X?"

2. Would this be a better question

3. and what are ways I can determine the sphere of influence of places?


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