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I've done research on some universities in the UK to study Veterinary Medicine but none of the ones that I've come across specify if I should take AI or AA, the only requirment being Maths SL and/or the grade (e.g 5 out of 7). Some don't focus on the overal points out of 45 but more on the individual grades of subjects.

I've spoken to a few teachers, they said AA would be a better option as it'll give me more opportunities for universities but after receiving my prior knowledge test we did during induction for DP, I did not get a high enough mark and so my maths teacher doesnt recommend AA maths.

I'm unsure if I should still take AA maths, I believe that I'm capable of doing it (ish), with some effort and more practice, but at the same time I do feel a but lost and worried.

I'm afraid I won't be able to acheive the grades I need/want, I'm not a big fan of statistics and I know AI has loads of that.

I think AI will give me higher grades, but I dont know if that's the minimum requirement for universities, would it look better if I did AA? But then I'd sacrifice my grades.

Would you rather take AI and get a higher grade or take AA and get a lower grade? (in this case Im just worried if a university needs AA and if it looks better if I take AA)

Do you think I should email the universities ask ask them if they would prefer one or the other and if it affects my application?

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