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Rate my IB Subjects selection


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So I'm going to start the DP in August 2022 (taking M24), and I wanted some advice for my subject selections.


Intended Major: Physics in a US University




Physics HL

Maths AA HL

Geography HL

Chem SL

English Language & Literature SL

Mandarin B SL



I took Geo as a filler HL, and Chem because my university required one year of all 3 highschool sciences, and I took Bio in MYP




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I think your selection looks quite good considering your plans for university. However, I'm currently taking Geo HL and found that it goes quite well with Bio SL. This is not to say that Chem is a bad choice so please don't take it that way lol. Just be prepared for a lot of work since your subject choices are not necessarily the easiest.

Hope that helped :)

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