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Reported for cheating on exam with no evidence


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I was reported to have cheated  (possession of a mobile phone) on an exam. This particular exam was 2 papers in one sitting and I am SL so they are the only papers in the exam. My accusers do not have any evidence and I truthfully did not cheat. The people who took the test around me also verified that I did not cheat except for one - the guy who reported me. Will I not be awarded by diploma if my papers are scored as a 0? This is very unfair as anyone could report anyone for anything. Is there enough evidence to punish me?

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sounds like that person is just being petty to me, i mean they're the only one claiming that u have cheated and everyone else denied it so why would they believe him I don't know the situation exactly but if they don't have evidence (since u didn't cheat) then you'll be fine, tho ib take exam misconduct very very seriously they can't just take away ur diploma cuz of a false claim. what ik is that ib request ur past work (tests etc) don in school and compare it with ur externals which seems unfair to me since ppl could just put more effort for finals but i'm sure you'll be fine

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