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dp course selection: Econ or Business

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On 4/27/2022 at 7:59 AM, Q_Wang said:

Im currently struggling with dp course selection, should I study economy or business, what is the difference between the two subjects. 

I took business at sl which was honestly a breath of fresh air compared to my other subjects, business is quite easy in general and if u have heavy subjects i would suggest taking it, tho I don't have much of an idea abt econ ik its harder than business and requires a little bit more effort. business is more logic based and its mostly just common sense there are a few detailed topics here and there but its not hard, econ is way more detailed and the tests seem to be structured differently. please keep in mind this is just based on my experience and u could find the subject completely different to how i felt abt it especially since i took igcse business which is almost identical to ib business with a few more harder topics. i'm not sure if u already made ur mind on one of them but I would suggest looking at the syllabus for both subjects https://peda.net/kuopio/lukiot/lyseonlukio/ib/syllabukset/g3ias/eg2:file/download/7cbf6ca932f417ca8ca00f8a25b126342d8dfc43/PRC-economics-guide-en_f527c535-cbfb-4567-815d-f93fbbdea80b.pdfhttps://www.sdgj.com/upload/Edit/file/201603/1457658459102811.pdf - this is the 2014 syllabus so the last exam was this year and their changing it slightly starting 2023 exams) also check out past papers and see what u think of the exam structure etc https://ibpastpapers.com/resources-999/ but most importantly ask teachers and coordinators for advice also this depends on what u want to do later on in uni. hope i helped good luck with ib!!

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